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Public Health Consulting

We can provide consultation and content expertise as well as make recommendations based on research and best practices, but you are the expert on your community or organization! Therefore, at Incite Agency for Change, we view each of our consulting services as a highly collaborative process. We will always begin by getting to know you and understanding your needs. This allows us to provide highly individualized services that will make your job easier while offering the greatest impact for your organization, clients or constituents, and the community at large.

Here are some of the ways we can support your work.

Grant Writing

We can help seek available funding sources and do the “heavy lifting” for the time-intensive and often complicated application writing and submission process. We would work with you or key stakeholders of your choosing to determine appropriate grant activities, evaluation metrics, implementation timeline, and budget.

Workforce Development Planning 


Whether you are planning for a one-time training; ongoing new employee/member orientation; or a large-scale, multi-year organization-wide rollout, we can work with you to manage all of the logistics. We can provide ongoing technical assistance and/or virtual or in-person booster sessions. We can also help you create a scaffolded approach to workforce development. 

Health Education Curriculum Development


We have experience creating evidence-based and research-informed trainings and workshops that are developmentally appropriate for a range of audiences. Regardless of audience, we aim to design relevant, inclusive, and responsive content using a variety of pedagogical approaches to meet many different levels of experience and learning styles. 

Health Education Campaign Development


We have developed a number of high-visibility health education and social norms marketing campaigns specifically on the topics of alcohol and drug prevention and sexual violence prevention in a higher education setting. Regardless of topic or audience, we rely on tried-and-true public health and behavior change theories and effective health communication strategies to guide development, implementation, and evaluation efforts.

Coalition Building


Whether you are starting from scratch trying to bring folks together, part of a loosely formed group hoping to create more structure, assessing your efforts to plan for the future, or even seeking to re-engage and re-energize members who may be losing steam, we can support your coalition-building efforts. We have experience along this entire continuum, creating, supporting, and leading coalitions, consortia, committees, and task forces in higher education, non-profit, national professional organization, and local government settings. We can bring our skills, strategies, and lessons learned to address challenges you may be facing and support your overall coalition efforts.

Have other ideas about how Incite Agency for Change can support you?

Or want to know more about any of these services? Please don't hesitate to get in touch! We are eager to partner with organizations that share our desire to create healthy communities where all people can thrive. 

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